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As I mentioned I went to a place called the Guidepost as part of the tourism course and the information in the guide is just so valuable for anyone wanting to come to Dili. It has all the embassy contact numbers, where to stay and contact details of all dive places for those into diving and a great way to find your feet. It was so so nice I was told about it when I arrived. Some people are just so thoughtful it amazes me. For anyone wanting to find out any info, addresses and contact detail it is great. Go to www.guideposttimor.com

If you bring up Edition 67 you will get a few laughs out of it as I did this morning. If you go to page 46 you will realise the traffic contentions that I have been dealing with trying to get from A to B but what the photographer doesn't include is people like me doing the duck and weave between all this traffic and all dirt floating around as people are wearing masks it is just so bad. Taxis I have been in have almost hit motorbike riders as they decide to come up in the opposite direction just as the taxi is trying to overtake. I believe their is a quick attempt to get the roads finished prior to the May anniversary here. Also looking through the Guidepost I don't think I would like to be an Egyptian comedian if you look at page seven. Mind you I liked the idea of an electric shock to males who try and molest on page 3. I think that is what I needed in my taxi ride the other day.

I love animals but I am sorry I really had to laugh at the Darwin Awards section with Fifteen Minutes of Flame. Well it was supposed to only be an April Fools joke. It is amazing how many people haven't heard of the Darwin Awards It is more amazing how many male candidates contest to be winner (well maybe not so amazing) but unfortunately some of them don't live to receive their prize (sorry guys but it is a reality check)

In regards to info on Dili as well I went to pay the $700 for my first months accommodation as I don't like to be in too much debt and produced my visa card. O ... Oh... no we only accept cash here. Whow I am so so lucky someone told me about that one as well. So it looks like another trip back to the ANZ to do a cash advance. At least I have another three weeks to sort it out but what if I was checking out and flying out this morning?

Good to check with establishments if in fact they accept credit card!!!! I didn't as things had been organised for me??? Morale to the story... check up yourself even though someone says that everything is organised.

Identification robbing is also apparently quite prolific here. People are stealing other's email addresses and taking over and asking friends on their emails to send money urgently to a specific account. At least I don't have that trouble with my friends as they know it would only be wine that I would be asking to send urgently. My wine intake here has reduced significantly given both the cost and quality but I have found that gin is rather cheap and so be it.

For those that haven't gone back to find out that I could not access my gmail account from day 1 my new email address is helenstransky@yahoo.com. As advised if anyone tries to cut across my email account and asks for anything apart from a good bottle of Aussie chardonnay don't send a thing.

Well a good afternoon with three students teaching them English here at Timor Lodge of which one is from the Bairro Pite clinic that my sister and mother went to a fund raising session in Wollongong so we are on for a tour when Mum gets here. Just love the name of the doctor..... Dan Murphy I think a lot of people love Dan Murphy.

Also for anyone travelling I would seriously recommend a blog site for any issues such as this email fraud that is going on that people get onto the blog site and find out really what is going on and a quick way of getting info out to everyone (well that is for everyone who is interested in finding out what you are doing anyway). I have found this website so great and so easy to use. As I said to a friend of mine if I can use it anyone can. So here's a plug for travellerpoint Just go to www.travellerspoint.com and start your own blog. My only question to them was that I thought I had a site set up and I contacted them and they said I didn't have any entry but once I did they got back to me with my own URL site.

Give it a go! Oh and bye the way when I finish my blog I can just hit print to print everything off as a diary. How good is that?

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