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It feels like Christmas


As I previously said in a blog my friends David and Janelle gave me $100.00 to spend accordingly as to the best benefit that I could derive from the expenditure. I had a ball at the Timor Plaza buying text books. I went to the $2 shop where I bought headbands, mirrors, bags, pens, pencils combs, thongs, plates and forks so that every girl could have their own fork to eat with if they wished to use it of a night. From there I went to Leader which is the big supermarket and bought three big containers of lollies. The value in $100 was huge and being the asstute shopper that I am the value was incredible. I then struggled back to my room and then again down to a taxi armed with about 12 shopping bags (including 51 text books). Nice the guys passed and said good evening without offering to help but that is life. For those that do weights I do 50 kgs pull down in weights and I weigh 58 kgs but I had to stop four times till I got to the taxi with the weight I was carrying.

What was most incredible was the fun that we had that night in a class using these items in an English class to discuss nouns. I felt like father Christmas thanks to David and Janelle. Unfortunately the electricity had died a few hours before and still wasn't on at 7pm where we had to light a candle to try and see but it was good to go back to the girl's room later and see them looking through the exercise books. We all had dinner together and then I went in convoy back to Timor Lodge given that it isn't safe to be out after 9pm and apart from that it is difficult to get a taxi after that time as I have been told.

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