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There is a gallery down the road from the lodge called the 'Moris Gallery". Moris means 'born' in Tetum. It was such a worthwhile visit with the gallery displaying a real ecclectic selection of arts. The paintings were a marvel both in subject terms and detail, the contemporary works out in the garden played witness to people's imaginations and the variety overall showed the breadth of artistic capability. The paintings are for sale which is quite tempting given some of the reasonable prices. Having pottered in the gallery the next objective was to do a walk through a particular street in Dili recommended from someone I had met. The walk proved to be interesting capturing a part of what I believe is the essence of Dili.

Family life is so important being basically Catholic. Largely there are no computers or gadgets to keep kids entertained and it is so wonderful to see them all hanging out together whether playing soccer, sitting around on chairs or just shooting the breeze everyone is out on the streets and enjoying playing with other children.

There are no people running around eating as they go or trying to get to the next appointment with a coffee in their hands. You hardly see anyone eating full stop and the fact that the dogs and cats are so skinny is testimony to the little food that is around. I did make it to an Indian restaurant for lunch that I have been wanting to go to since I have been here so it was an early lunch at 1100h with a vegetable curry and rice. I never made it down to the Jesus statue due to inclement weather but there is always another day.

Having returned to base I wanted to get back to secure a ticket on the ferry tomorrow to go over to Altauro Island tomorrow. One organisation said I had to be there either at 0800hr Friday or 0800hr Saturday prior to departure to purchase my ticket (that is Eco Tours). On further investigation no it was either 1400hr (2pm) today or 0800hr in the morning. When I went down to buy a ticket there was nothing open which I believe was due to the impending elections tomorrow. I was then advised that the tickets are for sale usually on a Friday but that I had to be there at 0500hr on the Saturday morning to get the ferry. Ho hum ho hum.... So no ticket and I'm not getting up at 0430 in the morning to get a ticket.

At least the afternoon ended on a good note in being driven out to have a look at the east coast of Dili. It was great seeing something different.

The photos of today I believe show the essence of what Dili is about. Wait out for more news on the ferry.

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